Iran tests upgraded surface-to-sea missile

Dated 26/8/2006

Iran is said to have successfully tested an upgraded, indegenious, guided surface-to-sea missile, media reports confirmed on Saturday

The missile was tested at the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman during the 'Blow of Zolfaqar' military exercises which began last Saturday.

Wargames spokesman Habib Sayari told reporters that the missile accurately hit its pre-determined targets. Sayari said that the missile has a suitable range, high shooting power and precision.

He added that the successful testing of the missile showed the strength, innovativeness, scientific and technical expertise of the country's defense forces and equipment as well as the potential and specialized skill of its experts.

Analysts however suspect this missile is based on the Russian SS-N-22 Sunburn missile that Iran is said to have acquired via China in 2004. The Sunburn missile is a Russian missile of the Soviet era and can carry a warhead of upto 300kg and is said to have a range of 100km-120kms.


Navy Tests Coast-to-Sea Missile Successfully

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- In another phase of Iran's extensive war games codenamed 'Blow of Zolfaqar', the naval force of the Islamic Republic's army Saturday tested an optimized remote controlled coast-to-sea missile successfully.

According to FNA dispatches, the missile hit and destroyed a prespecified target in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. The operation efficiency (missile destruction capability) was reported to have been one-hundred percent.

Other reports also said that optimization of the missile has been a product of the creativity and innovation of Iranian military experts.

War games spokesman Admiral Habib Sayyari mentioned appropriate range, high striking capability and high flexibility and precision in targeting among the special features of the missile.